Churches break silence on Lukau resurrection miracle

Pastor Alph Lukau performing the alleged resurrection on Sunday at his Sandton church in Joburg.

The Rhema Family Churches (RFC) and the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC) say something has gone terribly wrong in the religious sector and it cannot be left unaddressed.

The RFC and IFCC released a statement on Tuesday evening after a video clip surfaced on social media showing Pastor Alph Lukau allegedly resurrecting a man in Sandton on 24 February.

The man who can be seen on the video in a coffin has been identified as Brighton from Zimbabwe.

The “miracle” has raised questions among South Africans over the authenticity of this alleged act of God wrought through the hands of a “man of God”.

In the statement, the churches say they were embarrassed by CRL Rights Commission’s findings of the investigation into the “Commercialisation of Religion and Abuse of People’s Belief Systems”.

“We have seen the exploitation of people, and the sexual and emotional abuse of people, all these and many other things have tainted the image of the church and put us in a very bad light.”

The churches have condemned the behaviour of Pastor Lukau, saying it’s a clear abuse of people’s belief.

“The claim by this pastor [Lukau] has been proven to be a lie by the funeral parlours involved. This is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ we preach.”

RFC and IFCC have distanced themselves from the “shameless acts done in the name of our Christian Faith and using the Lords Name in vain.”

At the same time, they have called on the people to stop being gullible and just believing anything that looks like a miracle and exposing themselves to these charlatans.

In its report, which was made public in 2017, the commission said the religious fraternity needs a peer review committee.

Meanwhile, the CRL Commission announced on Tuesday it will be investigating the incident. – EWN.

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